Ninja Wilderness Survival Guide (9780804854085)

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over 135 color photos and 60 diagrams
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Ninja master and survival expert Hakim Isler presents modern day survival strategies based on the techniques of Japan's ancient ninja.

If you find yourself in an unexpected extreme situation—while wilderness camping, hiking or adventuring off the beaten path—a fundamental understanding of your surroundings can make the difference between life and death. By harnessing the powers of nature, the ninja built a legendary reputation as survivalists with an ability to thrive in even the most inhospitable situations. By studying their ancient philosophy and techniques, alongside modern science, you can prepare yourself to survive in any outdoor environment.

Gain real survival skills for the modern day based in the Buddhist philosophy of the five elements:
  • Earth - protection from the harsh elements using trees, leaves, dirt, grass, and vines to build shelter
  • Water - effectively cool off when overheated and avoid dehydration
  • Fire - properly use fire to warm the body and to purify water by boiling it
  • Wind - harness the power of wind to ventilate shelters, smoke meat and help build fires
  • Void - apply knowledge and creativity while developing a survival plan

Isler has over 20 years of experience as a martial artist, Special Forces soldier and security expert. With over 135 full-color photos and 60 illustrations detailing these time-tested methods, this book offers insights that are extremely practical.

The foreword by Ninjutsu master Stephen K. Hayes masterfully connects the past to the present by providing unique and valuable insights for surviving mentally in the outdoors.

About the Author:
Hakim Isler is a decorated combat war veteran, fifth-degree To-Shin Do black belt, certified close-protection specialist and professional self-defense and combat weapons instructor. He trained under Stephen K. Hayes, has been involved in the martial arts for 22 years and in the security field for eight years. He developed and instructed military combative systems for the United States Army and has appeared on the Discovery Channel's Naked & Afraid and FOX's Kicking & Screaming. He is the founder and owner of Elite Guard LLC, a martial arts, fitness and security training company. Hakim lives in North Carolina.

Foreword by:
Stephen K. Hayes served as the Dalai Lama's personal protection escort and security advisor for many years. He was also the first American to be accepted as a personal student by Masaaki Hatsumi, the thirty-fourth master of the Togakure-ryu ninjutsu tradition. He is the author of 20 books which convey the timeless knowledge of the East in pragmatic lessons for contemporary Westerners. He is a member of the Black Belt Hall of Fame and a recipient of the Martial Arts Industry Association (MAIA) Lifetime Achievement Award. He lives and trains in Dayton, OH.