Samurai Castles

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Tuttle Publishing
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Over 250 color photos, maps and diagrams of the 24 castles
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7 1/2 X 10

Samurai Castles features hundreds of stunning color photographs and little-known details about the most important and well-preserved Samurai castles in Japan, including their history, design and military features.

Japan's ancient castles provide profound insights into the country's compelling military history. Discover the secrets of Japan's feudal past by exploring the most famous castles of the Samurai era. The enormous stone walls, multi-level towers, and sophisticated defense systems are not merely impressive fortresses, but spectacular works of Japanese architecture, constructed without the use of steel or modern equipment. These monumental structures fulfilled a need for protection without sacrificing aesthetic values. Understanding the cultural contexts of these Samurai castles helps create a better understanding of Japanese culture today.

In this fascinating Japanese castle book, you will discover the rich history and creators of famous castles such as Himeji, Osaka, and Nijo that you would otherwise need to travel to Japan to experience in person. Chronicling the story of each building conveys a greater understanding of how and why they were built, and identifies their unique features for historians, architecture aficionados, world travelers, and Japanophiles alike.

With over two hundred color images, numerous diagrams, maps, and detailed descriptions, Samurai Castles is the most comprehensive Japanese history book on this intriguing topic.

About the Author:
Jennifer Mitchelhill received a PhD in Architectural History from the University of Melbourne. Her fascination with castles began when living on the West coast of Japan and her research has been primarily focused on the influence of Japanese architecture on Western architecture.

David Green is a graduate in applied science with Master's degrees in business administration and military history. The author of numerous articles on World War II and an accomplished photographer, his interest in Japanese castles began while he was teaching at a Japanese senior high school.