Tokyo Love Story

Manga/Graphic Novel
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Tuttle Publishing
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color illustrations, English & Japanese Text
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6 3/4 X 8 1/2

A funny and intimate travelogue of one woman's unexpected adventures in Japan.

French illustrator Julie Blanchin-Fujita arrived in Tokyo in 2009 for what she thought would be a one-year stint, and ended up never leaving. In this graphic memoir she shares her love of the city, while depicting personal experiences and stories from her Tokyo life—from the exotic (sumo wrestlers, ramen, hot springs, tatami mats, bentos, Japanese trains, Mount Fuji, earthquakes) to the everyday (hanging out with friends, moving houses, falling in love).

This voyage of discovery in the world's most exciting city will appeal to a wide range of readers: from those contemplating a trip to Tokyo and Japanophiles to literary readers and anyone who enjoys a good manga love story. Packed with cultural observations and travel tips, this story is told in both English and Japanese—also making it a great language learning resource.

About the Author:
Julie Blanchin Fujita grew up in the south of France, and studied art at university. She works on various projects as an illustrator and graphic designer, and has illustrated six other books in her native France. In 2009 she set off with only a rucksack on her back to have an adventure in Tokyo—an adventure that continues to this day.