The Art of Throwing (9780804840934)

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Concise and informative, The Art of Throwing is the ultimate introduction to the exciting world of throwing weapons.

It provides thorough explanation and instruction on everything from grips and stances, targets and trajectories, and even how to construct weapons. The fundamentals of weapon throwing are easy to learn, but mastering aim—let alone mastering aim with a variety of weapons—involves time, effort and practice. Let The Art of Throwing ease your transition from novice to expert with its detailed, but easy to follow instructions from an author who has spent years mastering his technique.

With a foreword by knife throwing legend Joe "Brokenfeather" Darrah, this edition includes updated information and an hour-long instructional video (available online to download for free) to better aid newcomers in learning the basics or help experienced throwers perfect their techniques.

The Art of Throwing includes:
  • Basic concepts—Grips, Methods, and Mechanics
  • Throwing implements—The Bagakay, the knife, the ax, and the spear
  • Japanese throwing implements—The Shuriken and the Shaken
  • Chinese throwing implements—The flying dart, the golden coin dart, the flying steel olive, and the flying sticker
  • Other throwing implements—The western dart and the boomerang
  • Sport and defensive throwing
  • Weapon and hand care

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About the Author:
Amante P. Marinas Sr. holds black belts in aikido from the Philippine Aikido Club under Sensei Ambrosio Gavileno and in shorin-ryu from the Commando Karate Club under Sensei Latino Gonzalez and Sensei Anselmo "Pop" Santos. He studied the snake form of kungfu under Sifu Benito Coo before immigrating to the US and has been practicing his family's fighting system, Pananandata, since he was eight years old.

He has authored several books on the subject of knife and weapons throwing, as well as on the Filipino martial arts.