Blank Comic Book(9780804855877)

How to Draw Manga
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Tuttle Publishing
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With 21 Different Templates and Flexible Trace & Paste" Speech Balloons
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8 1/2 X 11

Draw your own comic book adventure exactly as you imagine it!

Tuttle Studio brings you the ultimate flexible blank comic book and manga sketchbook/notebook. Draw your own adventure exactly the way you see it! Watch your story unfold, panel by panel, before your very eyes!

Ideal for pen, pencil or marker, this Blank Comic Book offers everything a manga artist or graphic author needs!
  • 84 pages of blank templates featuring 21 different layouts--more than any other book!
  • Tips on story development, character creation and how to use speech balloons and text boxes to tell your story effectively
  • A "practice pad" with characters to redraw or trace--from simple to more complex
  • Cover design templates plus a gallery of speech and thought balloons to place wherever you want them to go.

If you are ready to begin drawing your own adventures, this blank comic book is the best first step! Your imagination and creativity will do the rest!

About the Author:
Tuttle Studio is a unique international collective of publishing and design professionals who specialize in anime, manga and instructional illustration materials. We draw inspiration from the modern and traditional arts of Asia to create designs for journals, stationery, gift products and origami paper. Tuttle Studio is a division of Tuttle Publishing, a leading publisher of books on the languages, cultures and arts of Asia. The company was founded in 1832 in Rutland, Vermont (USA) and opened a branch in Tokyo, Japan in 1948.