Living with Air Plants (9780804851046)

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Tuttle Publishing
Hardcover, Jacketed
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16 projects; color photos; features over 100 Tillandsia varieties
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7 1/2 X 10

Living with Air Plants is the perfect introduction to the world of Tillandsia and the many ways they can be used to design and upgrade your home or work space. It is the work of a prominent horticulturist and a design, lifestyle and gardening expert from Japan, and displays a wonderful Japanese design aesthetic and attention to detail.

These endearing plants are friendly to seasoned gardeners and beginners alike, and easy to grow and care for, once you know how. This reference and growing guide covers over 100 different Tillandsia varieties, and gives you all the information you need to select your plants and make them thrive.

In this book, you'll learn about:
  • The various types of Tillandsia plants and their characteristics
  • Growth cycles and preferred environments
  • Air plant care and selection
  • Propagating/dividing plants from cuttings
  • Enjoying and displaying Tillandsia in all sorts of spaces

Beautiful photos of air plants in personal spaces will inspire you to create your own mini indoor garden. These stylish, low-maintenance plants pair well with succulents and terrariums—two other popular container gardening trends. If you love the idea of adding quirky greenery to your life, these are the plants to try—and this is the book to get you started!

About the Author:
Author Yoshiharu Kashima (Protoleaf) is a botanist and media commentator on air plants, succulents and other forms of indoor gardening in his native Japan. He directs purchasing and sales at the Tamagawa branch of Protoleaf Garden Island and manages the Chofu branch of tukuribaGREEN, a specialist plant boutique.

Stylist Yukihiro Matsuda (Brocante) is a gardening and lifestyle author, landscape architect, and owner of BROCANTE--a Yokohama shop selling antique furniture and home furnishings.