Origami Bible Stories for Kids Kit (9780804848510)

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Tuttle Publishing
Paperback & Kit
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boxed kit with a full-color 48-page book, 64 sheets of high-quality, double-sided folding paper, and 4 tableau cards to display the 64 models
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10 X 8 1/2

Perfect for Sunday school lessons and youth group activities—paper figures are the best way to share the greatest stories ever told!

This new interactive origami kit combines the fun of origami paper folding with the life-changing lessons of the Bible. This kit comes complete with 64 sheets of double-sided folding paper for 33 different models, a full-color book, and card-stock backdrops that help youngsters tell the most popular tales from the Old and New Testaments in church or at home, including:
  • Adam and Eve—The creation of the world according to Genesis—beware, there's a snake in the garden!
  • Noah's Ark—Noah and company would have been in over their heads if not for God's providence. Don't miss the boat!
  • Moses and the Ten Commandments—God liberates the Israelites and shows them a new way to live—it's written in stone!
  • Daniel in the Lion's Den—God rescues his faithful servant from becoming so much lion chow.
  • David and Goliath—David has a giant problem, but God never misses an opportunity to rescue the faithful.
  • The Annunciation—Mary gets good news from none other than the archangel Gabriel—pass it on!
  • The First Christmas—Where does baby Jesus "hit the hay?" In a manger, of course, where both lowly shepherds and noble kings honor him.
  • The Story of Easter—Don't you love a comeback story? Look no further! After sacrificing his son on the cross, God raises Jesus from the dead, triumphing over death and evil.
  • Christ, the Good Shepherd—This reassuring tale reminds us of a loving God who guards us and guides us—even when things get wild and wooly!
Intended for children and young adults, these interactive models enable you to retell the powerful biblical stories using lifelike folded paper figurines. The figures can be displayed as dioramas and to stage miniature reenactments that bring these sacred Bible stories to life—the perfect Sunday school craft for kids.

This kit contains:
  • A full-color 48-page book retelling the 9 famous Biblical stories
  • 64 sheets of double-sided folding papers in a variety of sizes and designs
  • 33 different models and tableau backdrops to display the stories as dioramas
  • Simple, step-by-step origami instructions for each character

About the Author:
Soon after moving to Japan in 1988, Andrew Dewar rediscovered his childhood love of paper crafts, origami and paper airplanes. Dewar has now published over 30 papercrafting books and kits. He teaches workshops and gives seminars at schools, libraries, community centers and museums in Japan. He lives with his family in Gifu, Japan, where he is a university professor and Kindergarten principal. Andrew's Origami Toy Monsters kit won the Creative Play Product of the Year Award from Creative Child Magazine in 2015.