Sketching Men (9784805316023)

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Tuttle Publishing
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b&w and 2-color throughout; over 600 pencil sketches
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8 1/2 X 11

In Sketching Men, veteran art instructor Koichi Hagawa, PhD explains how to quickly capture the dynamic male form through two distinct styles of sketching:
  • Very rapid (1-3 minute) line drawings that capture the essence of the subject's posture and movement--perfect for recording athletic action poses in the moment
  • More finished tonal drawings, which take a bit longer to render (7-10 minutes), but fill in lots of interesting texture and wonderfully realistic details and nuances, including the play of light and shadow, three-dimensional form and a sense of mass and balance
Learn to sketch the following:
  • Individual body parts and their bones and muscles
  • Objects held in the hands and with both arms
  • Standing and sitting poses
  • Transitions from prone and sitting poses to a standing pose
  • Bending, reaching and leaning poses
  • Pushing, throwing and dancing poses
  • Folds, gathers and drape of clothing

This book contains hundreds of detailed studies and helpful examples. Your sketches will improve rapidly as you learn all about how human anatomy--the skeleton, muscles and posture--all come together to express the uniquely male form. When you hone your line and tonal drawing skills with this book, all of your artwork will improve as a result, no matter the application: storyboarding, cartooning and graphic novels, illustration, formal drawings, painting and more!

About the Author:
Koichi Hagawa graduated from The Tokyo University of Arts Graduate School, where he received a doctorate in art studies with a concentration in painting. He also explored films studies at New York University, and animation at the Academy of Arts, Architecture and Design in Prague. Koichi taught drawing classes at Kodansha Famous Schools for 20 years and is currently an instructor at the Nagaoka Institute of Design, the Koto Ward Drawing Class and the Bunpodo Art School. He's the author of two Japanese art instruction books and his work has been exhibited around the world.

Edited by:
Tsubura Kadomaru has loved sketching and drawing all his life. In high school, he rehabilitated a failing art club, which he transformed into a manga and Gundam fan club where he helped to nurture the talents of future game designers and animators working in the industry today. Kadomaru studied oil painting at the Tokyo University of the Arts. He has edited many Japanese art instruction books, including Tuttle Publishing's Sketching Women.