The Chinese Mind (9780804840118)

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Improve your understanding of Chinese people and culture through key words and language.

The Chinese Mind pinpoints traditional Chinese values and behaviors that continue to play a significant role in their business and social relationships. Long-term expatriate and journalist Boye Lafayette De Mente also identifies key areas of Chinese culture that have changed as a result of the adoption of a market-based economy and other elements of Western culture. It includes discussion topics and questions, along with an extensive selection of Chinese "code words" that explain the essence and role of certain elements of traditional culture that have survived into modern times. Covering everything from the importance of the great Chinese philosopher Confucius to the influence of foreign fast food and video games, this book provides a wide-ranging glimpse into the Chinese mind.

Some of the vital concepts explored here include:
  • Yin and Yang—the search for balance in all things.
  • Mianji—the importance of face.
  • Hong—looking at things holistically.
  • De—the power of virtue.
  • Guo cui—the national essence of the Chinese.
  • Zhong fu—the pursuit of insight.
  • Bi —unity the Chinese way.

The Chinese Mind is an excellent overview of Chinese tradition, history, and culture that is perfect for students, tourists, or anyone who is curious about life and business in China.

About the Author:
Boye Lafayette De Mente has been involved with Japan, China, and Korea since the late 1940s as a member of a U.S. intelligence agency, student, trade journalist, editor, and author working out of Tokyo, Seoul, Hong Kong, and Singapore. He is a graduate of Jochi University in Tokyo and The American Institute for Foreign Trade (now Thunderbird: The School of Global Management). His 70-plus books include Etiquette Guide to China, Instant Chinese and Survival Chinese.