Kung Fu Basics (9780804847025)

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Get your training off to a great start—from basic kicks to practice and tournaments—this book is a perfect introduction to kung fu for beginners. It's everything you need to get started in kung fu!

Whether you are considering taking up this martial art, or you've already started, Kung Fu Basics offers an easy, yet comprehensive introduction to everything you need to know to feel confident and be successful.

You'll learn about:
  • The origins of kung fu—philosophy, history and different styles
  • What happens in a kung fu class—invaluable tips on choosing the right school, getting ready for your first class, and basic training methods
  • The essential elements of the style—stances, footwork, kicks, and hand techniques, with tips on common mistakes and how to get the most power out of each move
  • Drill and conditioning exercises—exercises to compliment your training
  • Practical ways to improve your kung fu technique—traditional teaching advice of Chinese masters
  • Resources—help further develop your knowledge and understanding of kung fu

About the Author:
Paul Eng was born in Hong Kong, began studying kungfu at the age of 6, and has been teaching since 1960. He studied a range of Kung Fu systems, specializing Seven Star Praying Mantis. He has taught in New York and in Vietnam while serving in the US Army, and in California where he has his own Kung Fu school.