The Girl from Wudang (9780804856928)

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From Emmy-winner, Brazilian best-seller PJ Caldas, comes a story about immortality, martial arts and AI that will make you change the way you look at life, science, and the crazy times we are living in.

My Name is Tigress and I am immortal. This is my story.

Yinyin, called Tigress, was raised in the sacred mountains of Wudang, where her life was about Tai Chi, the Dao, and trying to balance her yang with yin. Artificial intelligence and neuroscience were things she'd never even heard of. But then her overpowering yang sets her on a course to the Bay Area to become a professional fighter.

For as long as she could remember, Yinyin had been told she was poised to become part of something big, but what "big" turned out to be was beyond her imagining: a scientific experiment that would allow her to connect her brain to a thing they called "Brainternet" and become unbeatable. Bonus: the suicidal headaches that had plagued her all her life would cease.

But nothing comes without a price, and this connection would give others access to family secrets Yinyin has sworn to protect. Secrets that, at large and in the wrong hands, could be a very dangerous thing.

Fans of the legendary cyberpunk novels and gritty sci-fi thrillers of William Gibson and Stieg Larsson will be captivated by this new techno-thriller--a fast-paced blend of action, neuroscience, spirituality and martial arts.

"Unpredictable, disorienting and wonderfully absorbing…a book you can't stop reading." -- Monica Rector, professor emeritus of Literature, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

About the Author:
The author of multiple best-selling novels in Brazil, PJ Caldas, a.k.a PJ Pereira was picked by the Dictionary of Brazilian Literature as one of the most important writers of the twenty-first century. There, he published four books inspired by the mythology carried to the country by the African diaspora, and reached the top five best-selling titles multiple times. PJ is also a martial artist with 40 years of experience in combat sports, including kempo, karate, tai chi, and Brazilian jiu jitsu. He currently lives in the greater NY area.

PJ is the co-founder of Pereira O'Dell, an Emmy award-winning advertising agency with offices in NY and San Francisco. Known as a pioneer in the intersection of marketing, entertainment and technology, he has worked with brands such as Coca-Cola, LEGO, Google, Skype and Intel. In 2023 he was named Jury President of the Artificial Intelligence Awards at the Art Director's Club, and curated a Global immersive exhibit of designers collaborating with AI, called ADC101+1, as a way to explore the use of this emerging technology as a creative tool.