The Art of Life and Death (9780804848671)

Martial Arts
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This masterfully crafted guide to ninjitsu or budo explores in depth the history, culture and philosophy of this fascinating and enduring Japanese martial art.

Budo is one of the least understood forms of art in the world. Even more than skills or techniques, the teachings of budo require faith to learn and courage to understand. One of the fundamental lessons of budo is ninjutsu, the art of perseverance that forms the basis of the Japanese martial arts.

The lessons in this book come directly from experiencing the living vitality of the world's foremost master of the ninja arts, Masaaki Hatsumi. Through the use of stories, poetry, art, and earned wisdom, the authors move beyond the familiar image of the martial arts and reveal the nature of the unexpected changes in themselves as they struggled to come to terms with what being a martial artist in the ninja tradition meant.

The Art of Life and Death is a reflection of the discipline, the aesthetics, and the philosophy that lies hidden within the martial way. It is a glimpse at the hidden potential of the martial arts, one where the practitioner can embrace transcendence and transformation to face all the fears that litter life and also life's most fearsome opponent: Death.

About the Author:
Daniel Fletcher lived and trained in Japan from 2001-2008. He studied Budo (combat), Shurikenjutsu (throwing weapons), Kyudo (samurai archery), Satsuma Biwa (the samurai lute) and Horimono (traditional Japanese tattooing).

Sleiman Azizi is a poet and amateur photographer, and has spent over 15 years training in the martial arts since first moving to Japan in 2001. Proficient in Japanese, he has acted as a translator for visiting students. This is his first book.

Masaaki Hatsumi is the sensei at the Bujinkan Dojo in Japan where he trains his students in the art of Bujinkan ninjutsu.