Masters of Manga: Drawing Fantastic Female Fighters

Manga/Graphic Novel
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Tuttle Publishing
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over 800 color illustrations
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8 1/2 X 11

In this richly illustrated and annotated guide, female fighters leap off the page—kicking, punching and slashing their way through an unfolding story of your own creation.

With a focus on technique, authors and professional animators Yoshihiko Umakoshi and Hisashi Kagawa teach you the essential skills required to create your own storyboards and action scenes featuring fierce female characters.

Helpful sidebars and tips appear in dialogue bubbles throughout this book, as the artists guide aspiring illustrators from initial idea to finished artworks, pointing out common missteps and pitfalls that can easily frustrate beginning artists along the way.

The essential techniques and design elements needed to create engaging female-led battle scenes are first reviewed in detail. Then each author walks the reader through their entire creative process of developing an original story from beginning to end.

Along the way the authors give you hundreds of helpful tips on how to create compelling characters and render realistic expressions and poses, showing you how practiced professionals work. Starting from a storyboard sequence of simple sketches you'll progress to a polished finished drawing.

By learning from two artists with different styles at the same time, readers get twice the advice and emerge doubly prepared to create scenes, stories and battle heroines of their own.

About the Author:
After graduating from Osaka Art College, Hisashi Kagawa joined the Studio Cockpit, where he worked on Sailor Moon and The Girl Revolution Utena. He is currently the drawing director and in charge of character design for Fresh Pretty Cure! and Soul Eater and in recent years has contributed to the character design of Tiger Mask W.

Yoshihiko Umakoshi studied at Tokyo Animator Academy and worked at Mussh Onion before joining Studio Cockpit, where he was one of the developing animators of Super Bikkuriman and in charge of the first character design in Grappler Baki. He received the 10th Tokyo Anime Award Individual Category Character Design Award for Heart Catch Pretty Cure!