Concise English-Korean Dictionary (9780804852944)

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Intended for use by tourists, students, and business people traveling to Korea, Concise English-Korean Dictionary is an essential tool for communicating in the Korean language.

It features all the essential Korean vocabulary appropriate for beginning to intermediate students. Its handy pocket format and user-friendly layout make it the perfect addition to your carry-on bag; it's sure to make any trip to Korea easier.

All entries are written in a Romanized form as well as Korean script (hangul), so that pronunciation is easy and, in case of difficulties, the book can simply be shown to a Korean speaker.

This dictionary includes the following key features:
  • Over 8,000 entries for the most useful words and phrases
  • Korean words given in both Roman and Korean letters
  • Explanation of the Korean letters and their sounds

About the Author:
Joan V. Underwood went to Korea as a missionary from the Presbyterian Board of Foreign Missions, New York. She studied Korean from private tutors and at missionary language schools in Korea and Japan, and later taught at Chosun Christian University.