Learning Korean (9780804853323)

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Learn to speak, read, and write Korean—with manga illustrations!

A complete language guide for beginners, Learning Korean is your gateway to learning the basics of the Korean language, allowing you to engage in practical daily conversations and build your vocabulary for effective communication. Whether you're a self-study enthusiast or participating in a beginner-level class, this guide equips you with the essential skills to start conversing in Korean right away.

Key features include:
  • 11 Beginner-Friendly Lessons: 11 thoughtfully crafted lessons designed to cater to adult learners taking their first steps in the world of Korean language
  • Daily Conversations: Learn basic sentence patterns and essential vocabulary that are commonly used in everyday interactions. This practical approach ensures that you can start communicating effectively from the very beginning
  • Manga Art: Illustrations throughout each lesson demonstrate the daily dialogues and common experiences in Korea, and help make learning the key vocab fun & easy
  • Hangeul and Romanization: All Korean words and sentences are presented in both Korean Hangeul script and Romanized form, making pronunciation and understanding accessible to learners. English translations are also provided for clarity
  • Practical Exercises: Fill-in-the-blanks, word games, dialogue prompts, reading & writing exercises, and more help to reinforce each lesson
  • Native Speaker Audio Recordings: Access native-speaker audio recordings online to improve your pronunciation and listening comprehension skills
  • Downloadable Flashcards: Reinforce your learning with downloadable flashcards, a convenient tool for efficient vocabulary memorization

This guide provides invaluable notes and explanations on various aspects of the Korean language, including pronunciation, the Korean Hangeul script, greetings, requests, basic sentence structure, vocabulary, verb conjugations, honorific forms, idiomatic expressions, and etiquette dos and don'ts.

Start your Korean language adventure today with Learning Korean and pave the way for meaningful conversations and cultural understanding in the Korean-speaking world!

About the Author:
Julie Damron received her B.A. from Brigham Young in English; her MAT in TESOL, from The School for International Teaching in Brattleboro, Vermont; and her Ph.D. in Linguistics from Purdue. She currently heads the Korean section in the Department of Asian and Near Eastern Languages at Brigham Young. Dr. Damron developed and teaches all of BYU's independent study Korean courses and BYU's new "BYU Online" hybrid Korean classes. She is active in the profession with regular presentations and publications.

Juno Baik has taught Korean at universities, government institutions, and multinational corporations in Korea and the US since 2008. He has also trained teachers at Kyung Hee University in Suwon, Korea. He is currently teaching and researching as an Assistant Professor of Korean at Brigham Young University.