A Field Guide to Succulents (9780804855976)

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Tuttle Publishing
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200 Varieties; color photos throughout
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7 1/2 X 10

A Field Guide to Succulents introduces you to over 200 popular succulent and cacti species including many you've never seen before!

Each chapter serves as an illustrated field guide that covers the characteristics and needs of a particular succulent family, then zooms in to show you their attributes in detail and from angles that let you truly see what makes these varieties different from one another.

This book gives you:
  • All the basics on how to grow succulents and cacti successfully--tools, soils, watering, placement, propagating, pest and disease prevention, and how to see them through seasonal changes so that your plants will keep growing and thriving
  • A stunning photo guide to over 200 plants both popular and exotic
  • Ideas for group plantings that are attractive to the eye and congenial to the plants
  • Tips from experienced growers on ways to approach succulent gardening

The simple instructions are geared toward beginners; the interesting mix of plants shown and explained here will appeal to succulent collectors. Fans at every level will enjoy this up-close exploration into the infinitely diverse and surprising world of succulents.

About the Author:
Misa Matsuyama is a horticulturist specializing in succulents, as well as a teacher and author of books on raising and displaying them. She is the creative director of sol x sol, a Japanese company selling succulent plants, pots and tools and offering inspiration to home gardeners. She is the author of Tuttle's bestselling The Gardener's Guide to Succulents and Succulents for Beginners. You can find her work at www.solxsol.com