Reading & Writing Thai: A Workbook for Self-Study (9780804853798)

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Online Audio Recordings and Downloadable Flashcards
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Learn the basics of the Thai language quickly with this essential book!

Reading & Writing Thai is the perfect way to begin learning the Thai language. It teaches you how to pronounce, read, and write all the sounds and letters, including the difficult tones. The book is specifically designed for beginners with no previous experience in studying or speaking Thai.

This easy-to-use workbook shows you how to write and pronounce each letter correctly and then shows you how they are combined into syllables and words. Before you know it you'll be reading and writing complete sentences! The book comes with free audio recordings by native Thai speakers, allowing you to hone your pronunciation and listening skills.

This comprehensive workbook and language guide for beginners includes:
  • An introduction to all the sounds of the language including vowels, consonants and tones
  • Exercises, quizzes and a final review section to reinforce the lessons in the book
  • Free downloadable flash cards to help you learn the alphabet and basic vocabulary
  • Free audio recordings by native Thai speakers

Reading & Writing Thai is the perfect book for self-study or learning Thai with a teacher.

About the Author:
Jintana Rattanakhemakorn graduated from Chiang Mai University with a bachelor's degree in Thai, and completed her master's degree in English at Khon Kaen University. She also holds a certificate in Teaching English as a Second Language from Seattle University College of Education. She previously taught Thai to international students at the ASEAN Language Center and is currently teaching English at the International College, Khon Kaen University in Thailand. She is the author of Easy Thai,Thai Stories for Language Learners and the Tuttle Mini Thai Dictionary.